Every school has at least one  bully-king, the top dog who rules the playground with an iron fist.  He may be wealthy and popular, bullying out of a sense of entitlement, such as Max Kingsley here.  Or he may be from the “wrong side of the tracks” and looked down upon by the wealthier kids.  His bullying may be a form of lashing out against the apparent injustice of his socio-economic circumstances.  Or maybe he’s just plain mean.

Max Kingsley, by the way, is Madison Kingsley’s grandfather.  Bernard “Buzz” Hunter is Evan Hunter’s grandfather, and Leonard “Lenny” Fletcher is Alfred Fletcher’s…cousin!  Ha, you thought I was going to say grandfather (or even father), didn’t you?  Anyway, it’s unclear if any of these boys are werewolves yet, or if they ever will be.  Regardless, it’s certain Tommy wouldn’t have known anything about werewolves at this time.