There’s a tradition in print comics of producing a special, annual issue, and now that tradition is one that Totally Awesome! will be following as well.  But like printed annuals, this will be a special chapter — two pages every day!  Actually, it will be more like a double page spread, with each page appearing side-by-side.  Most pages will only have two, large panels, for a total of four per day.

This story was originally written and drawn for a comic contest specifically for mobile/handheld devices, so each panel was larger than normal.  Rather than shrink each panel down and risk the text becoming unreadable, I’ve simply reduced each page by a small amount, just enough to fit on a standard-sized page.

As you can see, the cover is in the same style as previous chapters appearing in July — a dark blue background, with two figures shrouded in shadows, with just a hint of moonlight.  So come back tomorrow for the first page of Tommy the ghost’s story!