Page 31

So Andy and Slimer run away like the cowards they are, under the influence of Colt’s Harrow Numen.  And somehow, the time circuits coordinates have been reset, so the destination time is August 3, 2014.  I wonder how that happened?

I had originally planned a much longer, more dramatic sequence for the DeLorean building up to 88mph, with closeups of both the analog speedometer and the digital one on the dashboard, closeups of the flux capacitor “fluxing”, various angles of the car zooming down the street, possibly passing a cop car, which would give chase.  But in the end, I decided it really wasn’t necessary.  We’ve all seen that scene, and we all know how it turns out.  So instead, it happens in two quick panels.  Presto!  They’re headed Back to the Future!

Page 32

The old World of Darkness had Pentex, a global mega-corporation, which was just plain evil.  The Resident Evil game series (and movies) had Umbrella, a global mega-corporation, which was just plain evil.  Something tells me Brollex, a global mega-corporation (with a name that combines ‘brolly’, a British diminutive of ‘umbrella’, and Pentex) isn’t going to be all about sunshine and puppies.  Whatever their agenda, they apparently have a lab in Aleswich.

I’m still not sure if it’s clear what’s happening on this page.  Look at it closely, study all the writing that appears (at least all the writing in English).  Take a good look at the two screens with the personnel files (conveniently located one above the other), notice how they differ.  If it still isn’t clear what’s happened…well, I failed as a writer.

I’ll give you a clue: in the last panel, that’s Amy, all grown up and looking pleased with herself.

For now, that’s the end of Issue 2: Back to a Future.  Tune in again tomorrow for the start of another whacky adventure!