Colt commissioned a painting of himself as James Dean (from the Rebel Without a Cause poster), because of course he did.  However, since Colt doesn’t smoke, he opted not to pose with a cigarette, and instead gives a cheerful thumbs-up.


The award statuette on the mantle is not an Emmy, though it looks a bit similar.  Instead, it’s a purely fictional award called an Immy, named for the image orthicon tube used in early TV cameras.  Immy was actually suggested for the real award, but was feminized to Emmy to match the female statuette.  In the comic’s world, it’s an Immy, and the female figure lacks the Emmy’s wings.  In place of the stylized atom the Emmy holds, the Immy holds an old-style TV set.  Colt only has one such award, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his performance during the series Masks.  His mom has at least two Daytime Immys for her work on the soap opera, as we saw in last month’s brief flashback scene.