Colt Bradford

Age: 22

Occupation: Actor and entrepreneur

Type: Wolfkin, Sentinel

Colt Bradford is the son of blockbuster movie star Brock Bradford and soap opera queen Scarlet Hood.   He has a younger half-brother, B. Bradford Junior (whom he affectionately calls Brat), also an actor.

Colt was born wolfkin, and when he turned 12, his Werewolf uncle began teaching him all about the People, preparing him for the day when he’d experience his First Change.  But that day never came.

At the age of 6, he followed in his parents’ foot-steps by becoming an actor himself, and he’s been on television, on one show or another, ever since.

Colt lives in a stately Victorian mansion, Sea Cliff House, in Queens Cove, Maine.  He is part owner of the Mad Moon Rising Productions Studio, which produces  his current  TV show, Graves Hollow.

Colt was recently near death when his ancestor Eadan the Craig gave him the opportunity to become the Sentinel of the Celestial Sirius.

Junior Bradford (Brat)

Age: 18

Occupation: Actor, Model

Type: Wolfkin, medium, Wraithbound

B. Bradford, Junior is the son of actor Brock Bradford and supermodel Hildie Bauer, and he is Colt’s half-brother.  The first time Colt saw his brother, he said  the baby looked like a brat, and Brat became the name he has called Junior, with affection, ever since.  The two were very close growing up, despite living in two different homes.  Junior grew up in the shadows of his famous family members, and for years, he struggled to make a name for himself.  He started as a child model, but when he was twelve, his brother talked him into trying his hand at acting.  He appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows, as well as small roles in theatrical movies, before finally landing a lead on a show called High School Daze.  He also played a recurring guest role on Colt’s series Masks.  Junior is a reluctant medium who does his best to avoid ghosts while keeping his psychic abilities secret from everyone (except his mother and ghostly grandmother).

Adriana Bradford

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Wolfkin Halfling

Adriana is the daughter of actor Brock Bradford and entertainment reporter Fiona Snow, who is Lady Fiona of Frozen Bluffs in the fae world.  Thus Adriana is a halfling.  She has never met her father, nor her two half-brothers, Colt and Junior Bradford.  Adriana has spent most of her life in the human world, and unlike many other fae, she is a whiz with computers.  Her hacker name is Kinetic.

Brock Bradford & Hildie Bauer

Ages: Brock: 50, Hildie: 48

Occupations: Brock: Actor, Hildie: Fashion Model (retired)

Types: Brock: Wolfkin Mortal, Hildie: Mortal

Brock Bradford is an action movie hero whose first big break was the 1988 blockbuster, Grom the Savage.  Other films include three Hard to Kill films, RoboPatrol, The Eliminator, and four Space Marines.  His first wife was soap actress Scarlet Hood, with whom he has a son, Colt.  Brock was not the most faithful husband, however, and though Scarlet put up with his infidelities for a few years, when one of his mistresses, supermodel Hildie Bauer, became pregnant, the two divorced, and Brock married Hildie.  They’ve remained married ever since, despite Brock continuing to have occasional flings.    Hildie is aware of her husband’s infidelities, and though she’s not happy about them, she loves her husband, just as Brock truly loves her.

Brock is aware that he’s wolfkin, as his older brother Bryce is a Werewolf who accidentally killed their father during his First Change, when both boys were in their teens.  The two brothers rarely spoke afterward, and to this day, Brock refuses to talk about the family’s werewolf heritage.  Hildie Bauer is an ordinary Mortal who knows nothing at all about the supernatural.

Scarlet Hood & Tony Butler

Age: Scarlet: 49, Tony: 52

Occupation: Scarlet: TV Actress, Tony: Media CEO

Type:  both: Mortal

Scarlet Hood was born Mildred Colt, but legally adopted her stage name after her first marriage ended in divorce.  Her second marriage was to a fellow struggling actor, Brock Bradford, with whom she has a son, Colt.  When Colt was born, Scarlet was a relatively background character on the long-running daytime drama, The Sun Also Sets, but the writers incorporated her pregnancy into the story, and soon, Scarlet’s character was launched into the spotlight.  Over the next decade, she became the most popular character on the show, and today, she is a soap opera legend.  She’s currently on her fifth marriage, to Monumental Pictures’ CEO, Tony Butler.  She’s never had any children other than Colt.  She’s unaware that her son is wolfkin.  Tony has two sons from a previous marriage, who live with their mother.

Peter (Bryce) Bradford

Age: 53

Occupation: Unrevealed

Type: Werewolf

The man currently known as Peter Bradford was born Bryce, but changed his name when he went into hiding after his First Change, when he accidentally killed his father.  His cousins in the San Francisco area sheltered him during those early years, and he has since grown to become Alpha of his own pack.  Bryce’s younger brother, Brock, was aware of the family’s werewolf heritage, but their father’s death left him bitter and angry with Brock, and they haven’t spoken in over 30 years.  When his nephew Colt was 15 and began experiencing the sort of nightmares that generally signal an impending First Change, Bryce visited his nephew and revealed the family secrets to him.  He spent the next seven years teaching Colt everything he could about werewolf lore.

Gertrude Bauer

Age: 68

Occupation: Phantom with Unfinished Business

Type: Ghost

Gertrude is Hildie’s mother and Junior’s grandmother.  A hereditary medium, she taught her daughter how to deal with and ward against ghosts, though Hildie never developed any psychic abilities herself.  Gertrude died some 12 years ago, when Junior was only 6 years old, but due to unfinished business (which has yet to be revealed), she decided to remain as a ghost.  She has stayed close to her daughter over the years, but until recently, kept her presence secret from Junior.

Fiona Snow

Age: unknown (appears to be late 20s)

Occupation: Entertainment Reporter

Type: Fair Folk

Known in the fae world as the Lady of Frozen Bluffs, Fiona prefers to spend her time in the human world, inspiring artists such as Brock Bradford.  She and her daughter, Adriana, live in a penthouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Miss Grunhilda

Age: unknown (appears to be in her 60s)

Occupation: Nanny

Type: Goblin

Like many children of the Fair Folk, Adriana has a goblin nanny.  Miss Grunhilda is far older than she appears, and she served as nanny to both Adriana’s mother and grandmother, back in the day.  One of her most important jobs is teaching Adriana about the fae world.

Spencer Aubrey

Age: 27

Occupation: Bartender

Type: Werewolf

Spencer is the Beta of the Queens Champions Pack.  A generally friendly and honorable guy, as the main bartender at the Common Grounds secret bar, he’s often the first person newcomers to Queens Cove meet, whether werewolf or wolfkin.

Bianca Aubrey

Age: 32

Occupation: Queens County Sheriff

Type: Werewolf

Bianca is the sheriff of Queens County and Alpha of the Queens Champions Pack.  She’s also Spencer’s older brother.

Erik Harris

Age: 26

Occupation: Floor Manager, Colonial Maple Syrup bottling plant

Type: Werewolf

Erik is a young native of Queen’s Cove.  Formerly a member of the Sea Wolves Pack, he has recently joined the Queens Champions.  He and Colt are now dating.

Christopher Dark

Age: 31

Occupation: Novelist and TV Show Creator

Type: Human

Chris Dark was exposed to the supernatural at a young age, and it left a lasting impression on him.  He dedicated himself to studying all the myths and legends of the occult, separating fact from fiction as much as possible.  Understanding the need to keep the secrets of the Others (a collective term for the various supernatural beings), he uses his fiction to perpetuate as many false myths as he can.  A prolific and popular bestselling author of horror, he recently created a new supernatural TV show called Graves Hollow, which stars Colt Bradford.  He and Colt also own the Mad Moon Rising Productions studio located in Queens Cove, near Cricket Lake.

Ginger Maloy

Age: Unknown (appears to be in her 30s)

Occupation: Actress

Type: Human (?)

Ginger Maloy is an American actress who has been working steadily for the last 30 years in various televisions shows and commercials.  Most of her parts have been small, recurring or guest roles, and she seems content to not be the star of the show.  On Space Colossus, she played an alien ambassador who was also the mother of Colt’s character.  She is now a regular on Graves Hollow, where she plays a psychic Gypsy fortune teller.  Her true age is unknown, and she hasn’t appeared to have aged in the last three decades.

Delray Sinclair

Age: 29

Occupation: Mortician’s Assistant and Cemetery Keeper

Type: Werewolf

Delray Sinclair is a werewolf of the Passamaquoddy Tribe.  Gifted with Death Site and haunted by ghosts all his life, he became a mortician’s assistant in the hope of helping ghosts cross over.  About a year ago, he relocated to Queens Cove, where he secured a job as a mortician’s assistant at the Cricket Lake Mortuary, and also as keeper of the local cemetery.  He lives in a small cabin on Cricket Lake.  He’s also the Alpha of the Swamp Things Pack.  Though never married, he has a young son named Luc, who lives with his mother on a reservation in eastern Maine.

Luc Sinclair

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Wolfkin

Luc Sinclair is Delray’s teenaged son.  His parents never married, though they’ve been best friends since high school.  Luc lives with his mother and step-father on a reservation in eastern Maine.  However, he frequently visits his father in Queen’s Cove.  Like Delray, Luc has Death Site, as well as Spirit Site.  These two abilities allow Luc to see and interact with ghosts and spirits, respectively.  Unlike Delray, Luc’s abilities are always active.

Jack McNeil

Age: 45

Occupation: Park Ranger

Type: Werewolf

Jack McNeil’s temper is the hottest of the Swamp Things Pack.  Changed under a Full Moon, he is the group’s strongest warrior.  He once had a short affair with a young scientist named Margot Braddock, and as a result, he is the father of Randi McNeil.  Margot wasn’t interested in marriage to a werewolf, but she did give her daughter Jack’s last name.  Jack shares joint custody of Randi, though he and Margot seldom see eye to eye on anything.  Jack is the park ranger for the small Cricket Lake state park.

Phoebe Miller

Age: 37

Occupation: General Store owner

Type: Werewolf

Phoebe Miller runs a small general store with her husband, Jim, near Lake Cricket.  A werewolf scout, she’s a member of the Swamp Things Pack.  Her son, James, Jr. (aka Moose) occasionally helps in the shop as well.  Although she and Jim have been married for over fifteen years, they argue quite a bit, and due to her werewolf temper, Phoebe must often leave the house to avoid their fights becoming physical.  In the end, however, they do truly love one another.

Hector Ramos

Age: 34

Occupation: City of Queens Cove Police Officer

Type: Werewolf

Hector Ramos is the youngest member of the Swamp Things Pack, though he was born in Houston, Texas.  Despite the obvious danger, while still a wolfblood, Hector joined the US Marine Corps as soon as he’d graduated from high school.  He made it through basic training, but during his first true engagement in Afghanistan, he experienced his First Change.  The slaughter was horrific, but fortunately, none of his own men were seriously injured.  Lunacy hid the truth from the investigating authorities, but Hector was given an early discharge from the military.  He immediately entered the police academy, and upon graduation, joined the Queens Cove city police department.  He also befriended Delray and joined the Swamp Things.  Last year, both his parents were killed by a nest of young vampires in Texas, leaving Hector to raise his teenage brother, Timo.

James “Moose” Miller

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Werewolf

Moose Miller is the son of Leonard and Phoebe Miller.  A newly Changed werewolf, he is the muscle of the group formed by he and his friends, the other children of the Swamp Things.  He has a bit of a crush on Adriana Bradford, but he’s too shy to do anything about it.

Miranda “Randi” McNeil

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Wolfkin Mage

Randi McNeil is the daughter of Jack McNeil and Margo Braddock.  Her parents never married, and they share custody of Randi.  Like her mother, Randi is a mage and a bit of a hacker.  She is good friends with the other children of the Swamp Things pack, despite mages and werewolves rarely getting along very well.

Timoteo “Timo” Ramos

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Wolfkin

Timo is Hector’s younger brother.  Originally from Texas, they moved to Queens Cove after their parents were murdered by a nest of vampires.  Timo is a bookworm, preferring physical books to digital copies.  He knows a little bit about just about any subject, though he’s especially versed in all things occult.

Jordan Wood

Age: 30

Occupation: Personal Assistant

Type: Wolfkin

Jordan Wood has been Colt’s personal assistant since he was 21 (when Colt was 16).  Highly intelligent and very efficient, he works tirelessly to ensure Colt is where he needs to be at all times.  He also takes care of most of the day-to-day business in Colt’s office at the studio, freeing Colt to concentrate on acting.  Like Colt was, Jordan is wolfkin, so he knows about the dangers involved living with werewolves.  He’s also extremely patient with Colt, who can be more than a little flighty at times, and he’s very well paid for all his trouble.  Jordan has his own apartment in Queens Cove, but he can often be found at Sea Cliff House, especially early in the mornings, when he needs to make sure Colt is awake and semi-coherent before a long day of acting.

Alfred and Martha Fletcher

Age: Early 60s (both)

Occupation: Butler (Alfred) and Head of House and Cook (Martha)

Type: Wolfkin

Alfred Fletcher is a native of Queen’s Cove, Maine. However, at age 16, he was sent to England, where he followed his family’s tradition by studying to become a proper English Butler.  While there, he met and fell in love with his distant cousin, Martha Fletcher, and the two were married shortly before Alfred returned to Maine.  Until recently, they worked for Madison Kingsley.  However, citing their age, he asked them to retire.  Instead, they found employment at Sea Cliff House, working for Colt Bradford.  Both are wolfkin, though they have not revealed that yet to Colt.  They have a son, who is currently Kingsley’s butler, and a granddaughter, who is a student at Longfellow College.

Grace “Gracie” Fletcher

Age: 18

Occupation: Full-time College Student, Part-time Maid

Type: Wolfkin

Gracie Fletcher is the granddaughter of Alfred and Martha Fletcher.  Though she is studying psychology at Longfellow College, she works part-time as a day maid at Sea Cliff House.

Barnabas & Joyce Dunwich

Age: 50s

Occupation: Barnabas is the curator of the Queens Cove Museum, Joyce is a realtor.

Type: Human Hunters

The Dunwich family were among the first European settlers of Queens Cove.  They are also hereditary hunters and members of one of the world’s oldest secret societies: the Ancient Order of Orion the Hunter.

 George Greenwich, Jr.

Age: 68

Occupation: Mayor of Queens Cove

Type: Thrall (vampire)

A career politician, George Greenwich, Jr has been a thrall of vampire Octavius Romaine for decades, just as his father had been before him.  Weak-willed and not terribly bright, he is nevertheless charismatic, winning every mayoral election for the last thirty years with ease.

 Madison Kingsley

Age: 40

Occupation: Executive Vice President of Brollex Labs in Queens Cove.

Type: Werewolf

Alpha of the Shadow Guard Pack and Alpha Prime of the area, Kingsley is also arguably the wealthiest werewolf in Queens Cove.  He is Marilyn’s older brother.  Ruthless and ambitious, Madison has little regard for ordinary humans.

Marilyn Kingsley

Age: 36

Occupation: Operations Officer

Type: Werewolf

Sister of Madison Kingsley and Beta of the Shadow Guard Pack, Marilyn Kingsley is the Operations Officer of the Queens Cove division of Brollex Labs.  Cunning and ruthless, she is particularly adept at dealing with spirits.  Her spirit familiar is a rat.

Evan Hunter

Age: 32

Occupation: Lumberjack

Type: Werewolf

Evan Hunter isn’t terribly bright, but he makes up for it in brute strength.  He’s the only member of the Shadow Guard Pack who doesn’t work directly for Brollex.  Instead, he’s a lumberjack, taking out his supernatural aggression on helpless trees.

Captain Jonah “Skipper” Abshire

Age: Mid-50s

Occupation: Captain and Owner of a Charter Fishing Boat

Type: Alpha Werewolf

Skipper Abshire is the Alpha of the Sea Wolves Pack in Queen’s Cove.  He is also captain of the S.S. Maryanne, a charter fishing boat he operates with his pack during the tourist season.  Though Skipper prefers to sleep on his boat, the rest of the pack lives in the lighthouse, which serves as the pack’s HQ.  Skipper has little patience and less respect for Madison Kingsley and the Shadow Guard Pack.

Gil Mulligan

Age: 40

Occupation: First Mate of a Charter Fishing Boat

Type: Beta Werewolf

Gil Mulligan is Beta of the Sea Wolves Pack and First Mate aboard the charter fishing boat, S.S. Maryanne.  A man of few words, he is fiercely loyal to his pack, especially his Alpha, Skipper Abshire.

Roy “Professor” Howell

Age: 38

Occupation: Lighthouse Operator

Type:  Werewolf

Roy Howell took a few classes at Longfellow College years ago, and Skipper Abshire has been teasing him about it by calling him Professor ever since.  Roy is the operator of the Queens Cove lighthouse, as well as a member of the Sea Wolves Pack.

 Maryanne Howell

Age: 32

Occupation: Hostess of a Charter Fishing Boat

Type: wolfkin

Maryanne Howell is the Professor’s younger sister and wolfkin.  She serves aboard the Sea Wolves Pack’s charter fishing boat the S.S. Maryanne, acting as booking agent and hostess, keeping the fishing clients happy during their three-hour cruises.

 Andrew Bates, PhD

Age: 44

Occupation: Chief of Research, Brollex Labs

Type: Mage

Andy Bates is the last living descendant of the founder of the Brollex Corporation.   A child of privilege, his cruelty knew no bounds, and when he Awakened as a Mage in his mid-teens, he was able to bully others in whole new ways.  He grew up to be a scientist and engineer, but was uninspired by business matters, which cost him control of the corporation he inherited, as well as his ancestral home, Sea Cliff House.  He harbors dreams of revenge and redemption, making him a dangerous enemy.  A spirit of wrath named Slimer serves as his familiar.

Octavius Romaine

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Godfather

Type: Vampire

The vampire calling himself Octavius Romaine is hundreds of years old, though no one is quite sure how old he truly is.  He may have been one of the original European settlers of Queens Cove.  Ruthless and power-hungry, he keeps a tight rein on the other vampires in the region.


Age: Unknown

Occupation: Former Underworld Master of Queens Cove

Type: Wraith

Balor was at least a thousand years old, though even he had forgotten what year he was born or died.  He had lost all traces of humanity, and he ruled the ghosts of Queens Cove with an iron fist, keeping many of them enthralled.  He had a particular appetite for the life force of mediums.  He died the Final Death at the hands of Creeper


Age: Unknown

Occupation: Underworld Master of Queens Cove

Type: Wraith

The wraith known only as the Creeper died over a thousand years ago, and he has been haunting the Bauer family for nearly as long.  He offered Gertrude Bauer the opportunity to become Wraithbound, but she refused.  Junior Bradford, however, accepted the same offer in the hope of using his wraith abilities to save the life of his brother, Colt.  Their souls are now entwined, though Junior maintains full control over his mind and body.

Queen Katarina and Duchess Kirstin

Age: unknown (both appear to be in their late 40s)

Occupation: Katarina: Queen of the Northern Kingdom; Kirstin: Duchess of Frost Falls

Type: Fair Folk

Katarina and Kirstin are twin sisters.  Because she was born first, Katarina became Queen of the Northern Kingdom, while Kirstin was relegated to the subordinate position of Duchess of Frost Falls.  Katarina has two sons, Crown Prince Kelvin and Prince Colin, but not daughter.  Therefore, whoever marries Kelvin will be the next queen.  Kirstin is Fiona’s mother and Adriana’s grandmother.  If something should happen to Katarina before either Kelvin or Colin marry, then Kirstin would become Queen, and Fiona would become Crown Princess.

Crown Prince Kelvin

Age: unknown (appears 15)

Occupation: Heir Apparent of the Winter Kingdom

Type: Fair Folk

Known as Kelvin DeWinter in the human world, the first born son of Queen Katarina is as ambitious as he is underhanded.  He befriended Adriana Bradford at her high school in Toronto while failing to mention his true identity.  When Adriana’s mother disapproved of their friendship and revoked Hospitality, Kelvin retaliated by causing a freak storm which downed the airplane Fiona was travelling in, causing her death.  He then revealed to Adriana that his mother and her grandmother had struck a deal that betrothed the two, much to Adriana’s dismay.

Prince Colin

Age: Unknown (appears 14)

Occupation: “Spare Heir”

Type: Fair Folk

Prince Colin is the second son of Queen Katarina, and as such, he is the “spare heir” to the throne of the Northern Kingdom.  Should anything happen to Katarina before Colin’s older brother marries, then Colin’s wife would become Queen, and Colin himself would be Crown Consort.  However, Colin is still unmarried, so his chances of inheriting the crown are remote at best.  Like all male nobles, Colin is a warrior, though at this time, he is still a squire, learning the knightly arts from a Fair Knight.


Age: Unknown

Occupation: Orchard Labor

Type: Troll

Trock is a troll originally from Frozen Bluffs (the Fae equivalent of Toronto), but after accompanying Adriana to Winter Harbor (Queens Cove), he settled at the Thornwood Orchard, working as a general laborer.  Good-natured, though a bit dim, Trock feels especially protective of Adriana.

Ryan Thornwood

Age: 13

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Halfling

Ryan’s father is the Fae Warden of the portal between Queens Cove and the Faerie World.  His mother is a fae-touched human.  The family lives at Thornwood Orchard, which is on the far northern edge of Queens Cove.

Heather DeWinter

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Fae

Heather DeWinter is the daughter of the baroness of Winter Harbor, the Fae territory of Queens Cove.  Like most Fae, she is ruthless and ambitious.  She lives at Thornwood Orchard and attends Lovecraft High School.  She can often be found in the company of Heather Quinn and Heather Adams.

Heather and Other Heather

Age: 14

Occupation: High School Student

Type: Human

Heather Quinn and Heather Adams are two of Lovecraft High School’s “mean girls,” often found with Heather DeWinter.


Age: 16 (7 years ago, now 23)

Occupation: Surfer Dude

Type: Human

Logan was one of the kids Colt would hang out with on the beach whenever he got the chance.  More laid back and carefree than Colt’s actor friends, Logan was also the first boy to kiss Colt, awakening feelings he’d not had before.  They dated for a few months in the summer of Colt’s fifteenth year, after he had left Space Colossus, but before he began starring in Masks.

  Tommy Greenwich

Age: 75 (appears 15)

Occupation: Movie Theater Haunt

Type: Ghost (Phantom with Unfinished Business)

Tommy Greenwich was a huge fan of James Dean.  In 1956, he waited weeks for Dean’s latest picture, Giant, to show at Queens Cove’s Republic Theater.  The day it finally arrived, Tommy was in such a hurry to get to the theater, he tripped and fell down a flight of stairs in the apartment building where he lived.  Ignoring his injuries, which included a head trauma, he rushed to see the movie.  Unfortunately, halfway through the film, he succumbed to his injuries and died in the theater’s fifth row.  However, he wasn’t going to let a little thing like death stand in the way of seeing his idol, so his ghost remained to watch the rest of the picture.  He’s been haunting the Republic ever since, eagerly watching each new movie that is shown…though he’s disappointed that James Dean isn’t working anymore.


Age: unknown

Occupation: Spirit Guardian

Type: Star Hound Spirit

The Spirit Hound known as Procyon as assigned by Sentinel Eadan the Craig to act as  Colt’s guardian.  Werewolves have sensed the spirit’s presence, but none have reported actually seeing it.  Colt calls him Scooby.

Eadan the Craig / Aiden Craig

Age: over 1000

Occupation: Sentinel of Sirius

Type: Sentinel Spirit

Eadan the Craig was a wolfkin member of a Highland clan who lived just over a thousand years ago.  Known for his bravery and ferocity in battle, he was often taken into the Spirit World by his werewolf clansmen to hunt spirits.  During one such hunt, he was separated from the others and gravely wounded.  He appealed to Luna for mercy, but it was the Celestial Sirius who answered his call, transforming him into a Sentinel spirit and assigning the spirit hound that Colt knows as Scooby as his guardian.  Colt Bradford is Eadan the Craig’s descendant through his mother’s side of the family.  Known today as Aiden Craig, he is a retired professor of Scottish history.


terraprofileAge: unknown

Occupation: Patron of Earth and all life upon it, particularly humans.

Type: Celestial Spirit

Terra is the Celestial Spirit of the planet Earth.  She was responsible for creating all forms of life on our planet, with the exceptions of werewolves.  Mankind has worshiped her as a deity under a variety of names for millennia.


lunaprofileAge: unknown

Occupation: Patron of the Moon and Werewolves

Type: Celestial Spirit

Luna is the Celestial Spirit of Earth’s Moon.  She was responsible for creating the first werewolves, and nearly all werewolves acknowledge her as their Mother.  Over the centuries, there have also been humans who worship Luna as a deity, under different names.


Age: unknown

Occupation: Patron of Wolfkin

Type: Celestial Spirit

The Celestial Spirit known as Sirius was once a prehistoric wolf who befriended a hunter named Orion, thus becoming the first dog.  In recognition of the ways he advanced human evolution, he was made a Celestial, the patron of wolfkin.  He has had several Sentinels over the millennia, including Eadan the Craig.  His current Sentinel is Colt Bradford.

Tommy’s Flashback (1957)

Tommy Greenwich

Age: 15 (in 1957)

Occupation: High School Freshman

Type: Human

Tommy is the son of Mayor George Senior and brother of George Junior.  A movie enthusiast, he was particularly a fan of James Dean.  Bully Max Kingsley wanted to steal his James Dean jacket, and in the process, Tommy was severely injured.  He died a little more than an hour later in the Republic Theater while watching Dean’s last movie, Giant.

Max Kingsley

Age: 17 (in 1957)

Occupation: High School Bully

Type: Wolfkin

Max Kingsley was wolfkin in 1957, though he later underwent his First Change and became a werewolf.  He was quite a bully in his youth, and he particularly enjoyed tormenting Tommy Greenwhich.  He would one day be Madison and Marilyn Kingsley’s father.

Buzz and Lenny

Age: 17 (in 1957)

Occupation: High School Thugs

Type: Wolfkin

Bernard “Buzz” Hunter and Leonard “Lenny” Fletcher were both wolfkin in 1957, and both were Max Kingsley’s  lackies.  Buzz later underwent his First Change and became a werewolf, and also the father of Evan Hunter.  Lenny remained wolfkin, growing up to take his father’s place as butler to the Kingsley family.  He would also later father Alfred Fletcher.

Harold Dunwich

Age: 72 (in 1957)

Occupation: Cinema Owner

Type: Human

Harold Dunwich was the owner of the Republic Theater in 1957.  An elderly man, he was especially kind-hearted and befriended Tommy Greenwich.

George Greenwich, Sr.

Age: 42 (in 1957)

Occupation: Queen’s Cove Mayor

Type: Thrall (vampire)

George Greenwich, Sr, is the father of George Junior and Tommy, as well as the mayor of Queens Cove in 1957.

George Greenwhich, Jr.

Age: 18 (in 1957)

Occupation: High School Jock

Type: Wolfkin

George Junior was the perfect small town mayor’s son – captain of the debate team, lettered in track and wrestling, class president, candidate for homecoming king.  He would later serve as Queens Cove’s mayor.