This is a map of the great state of Maine.  The fictional Queens County is a tiny little corner shaved off Hancock County.  Queens Cove takes the place of Winter Harbor, east across Frenchman Bay from Bar Harbor, on Mount Desert Island.

And here is Queens Cove itself, which displaces the real life Winter Harbor.  Ravenswing Park is, in the real world, the mainland part of Acadia National Park, the rest of which is located on Mount Desert Island.


The Faerie World is known to the natives as Faie, and it is divided into the Four Kingdoms.  Winter Harbor is in roughly the same place as Earth’s Queens Cove.

Here’s a map of the fictional town of Aleswich, in the fictional county of Dunlin’s Reach, in the not-so-fictional state of Maine.  The map is by no means complete, but this version shows the locations of some of the more important places that appear in the comic, including Graveswood Manor, Mad Moon Rising Productions, the Republic Theater, and the Kingsley Estate.  As more locations are visited in the comic, I’ll update the map and post it again (this version will remain where it is, however).

Please note!  I didn’t create Aleswich, Dunlin’s Point, or the county of Dunlin’s Reach.  All are the creations of the people who created the game called The Reach.  I claim no ownership of the setting whatsoever.

For anyone familiar with the actual state of Maine (or anyone who does a simple Google search), you’ll probably notice that Dunlin’s Reach occupies parts of both Hancock and Washington counties.  Stephen King’s well-established Castle Rock is south and west of Aleswich, but I have no idea where Aleswich is in relation to Murder, She Wrote‘s Cabot Cove.